The Gorman and Doepker Genealogies
The Ancestry, Decendency, and History of the Families of
Thomas Leo Gorman and Hildegarde Doepker


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  2. Baptism Date and Location
  3. Marriage Date and Location
  4. Military Service Enlistment Date and Branch
  5. Primary Occupation
  6. Death Date and Location
  7. Burial Date and Location
  8. Obituary
  9. Cause of Death
  10. Portraits at Various Ages
  11. Cause of Death
  12. Maiden Names and Details for Spouses
  13. Names and Details of Parents
  14. Names and Details of Children
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Major Updates
10/24/2014 Site redesign launched. Doepker history added.
8/23/2014 Completed extended Doepker genealogy.
7/8/2014 Added Horstman, Fortman, Ricker lineages.
4/1/2014 Started redesigning this website.
3/30/2014 Started collecting addresses, phones for living descendants (database only).
12/10/2012 Started research on extended Doepker genealogy.
11/18/2012 Completed adding cemetery markers.
10/22/2011 Completed core Doepker genealogy.
9/17/2011 Started research on core Doepker genealogy.
What's On This Site
A gaggle of Gormans and Doepkers
Gorman Family Genealogy
The Gorman genealogy documents the names and vital details of the direct ancestors and descendants of my grandfather, Leo Gorman (he's just below the "404" in the image at right). It begins with Thomas Gorman, born in Fertiana Civil Parish, near Moycarkey, County Tipperary, Ireland, around 1800. His son, my great, great grandfather Patrick Gorman, was the first to emigrate to America, settling in Brady Township, Saginaw County, Michigan around 1850. The family tree encompasses his full descendancy, including spouses and parents-in-law.
Doepker Family Genealogy
The Doepker genealogy includes the names and vital details of the direct ancestors and descendants of my grandmother, Hildegarde Doepker (she's just below Leo), It begins with Heinrich Döpke, born in 1635 in Schwege, Osnabruck, Hanover (now part of Germany). His great, great, great grandson, Johann Heinrich Döpke (John Henry Doepker) was the first to emmigrate to America, setling in Jennings Township, Putnam County, Ohio, in 1841. The family tree encompasses his full descendancy, including spouses and parents-in-law.
Family Histories
Gorman Family History
A Brief History of Ireland
A History of the Gorman Name In Ireland
Gormans in America
Genealogy of the Ui Bairrche
Doepker Family History
A Brief History of Hanover
The Doepkers From Schwege to America
Doepker Demographics
Our Family Tree
The Family Tree is a navigable series of pages that details the names and relationships. There are a number of ways of accessing the detail on a relative you are looking for. You can search by surname, pedigree, notes, or descendancy. It is updated periodically with new information and images. Obituaries and images of graves and records are only available on the Notes pages. To view these, click on the name of a person in any of the search screens. Then click the notes icon next to their name. Finally, click on the hyperlink to view the image.

Digital Images of Historical Documents
Historical documents include the U.S. Federal Census and state census returns; birth, marriage and death vital records from cities, counties, states and other municipalities; church records such as baptisms, confirmations, and interments; and military records such as enlistments and draft registration cards.
Census Records Vital Records Church Records Military Service Records
Digital Images of Interments and Portraits
Several years ago, I decided to collect digital images of the burial markers of all deceased relatives and portraits of those both living and dead. I welcome any and all contributions. Images are being updated continually, so check back often.
Burial Monuments Military Service Commemorations Individual Portraits Group Portraits